Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Take 1: Grilled Baskets

Usually I attempt a recipe a number of times before finally having the courage to post it but in this case I wasn't following a recipe. I have meant to try making Egg in a Basket for years but never really got around to it except for one horrible failure 2 years ago in which i almost set the Scarlet Pub on fire. I saw a picture of it on the internet the other day and just had to do it. The recipe there had been a variation in which cheese is put on the outsides of one egg basket. I had been contemplating this for a while, thinking about putting grilled cheese around one egg basket and other things. Deciding that would be too much bread, I chose to use two egg baskets as the bread of a grilled cheese. Being myself I chose to add ham to the grilled cheese. So there you have it. Grilled cheese with ham consisting of Egg in a Basket bread. Grilled Baskets.

PS- This will hopefully be my last egg post for a few days. I think that would be the healthiest choice.


  1. It makes me sad that this is your last egg post. They're the ones that look the most appetizing.

  2. Its not my last post. I just took my blood pressure and its pretty high so I'm taking a week or two off eggs. I'm also scaling back my caffeine intake and trying to take it easy at work. As far as eggs go, we have an upcoming post involving poached quail egg sliders.