Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OK, SO. not the best picture. but let me tell you about our cooking skillz. that's right. with a Z because we're THAT gangsta. so gangsta we ate this and watched NOTORIOUS! (I got techniques drippin out my buttcheeks , Sleep on my stomach so I don't fuck up my sheets)

OK, SO. this is what we got goin on: some brie action, surrounded by some deliciousness wrapped up in some fantastical tongue-gasms.

here goes:
1 package puff pastry
1 brie in the round (no wedges! you need those moldy bits to keep all the melty bits together!)
Whatever you have in your baking cupboard.

Actions: Thaw puff pastry. slap that brie in that puff pastry. put stuff on the brie. wrap that brie/stuff combo with pastry. bake until delicious.

we used some crushed pecans mushed with brown sugar/melted butter to make it a paste. spread this on top, then topped off with semi-sweet chocolate chips. DE LICIOUS. TWO WORDS. in retrospect, i wouldnt have put butter in the brown sugar, cause after reheating the brie the next day it got everything all soggy and pulled the oils out of the pastry.

seriously. who would have thought chocolate would mix in a most heavenly way with brie? NOT ME. I'M A CONVERT. YOU SHOULD BE TOO!