Sunday, May 31, 2009


disclaimer: excuse the horrible photography, i took these pictures before mer's tutorial!!!

what was that i heard about a sandwich-off? oh yeah. it's on:

STRAWBERRIES. god's gift. the one and only. wayyy better than james dean.

let me tell you what you're looking at. this is potato-bread toast, with strawberry preserves, with motherfucking BASIL topped with a fried egg. on the side? more strawberries. it was the most amazing combo ever - who would have thought basil and strawberries and eggs would be the new black?

and here's another bit for ya with a bad picture to boot:
really bad photo. oh man. no justice. this would be strawberries that i sliced and then smushed with a fork, put over crushed ice (you know, bag o ice meets hammer-time) with a shot of brandy and shredded smushed mint.

i said the same thing when i looked at this dinner as i did that one time i was really drunk and had great cleavage: YOU'RE GODDAMNED RIGHT!

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  1. your photos are actually great. also: i think this sandwich wins the sandwich-off. strawberries! who knew!