Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zucchini Challange - Zuch and Peach Roulade

This zucchini and peach roulade was made with a cheddar souffle spread with a zucchini pesto with saturn peach slices layered on top, rolled up and chilled, then served with a soy-ginger orange sauce. yum!

Lauren tried it and said "um, i'm not hungry. but this is ok. i'd eat it again" - soooo yeah. but i liked it. and matt liked it! it was light and delicious and tasted like summer.

the roulade was basically a white roux which was salted, peppered, and with cheddar cheese melted in which was then folded into egg whites which had been beaten to smooth, stiff peaks. the mixture was then baked.

the zucchini pesto was created by cutting the skin of the zucchini off and some of the white and puree-ing it with a few leaves of basil.

the orange sauce was created by puree-ing a mandarine orange with some orange juice, flour, ginger, and soy sauce and reducing that until the consistancy was as you see here.

then we ate it! and we're going to eat it again for dinner tonight. YUM.


  1. fuck, i think we have a winner.

  2. wait, are both these pictures yours?

  3. one was matt's plate and one was my plate! (he added candy corns to his because they are delicious)

    and there's no way i won, i call mer's plate the winner, with ben getting a commendation of excellence in the field of intrapersonal relations in the house of the fonz.

  4. no no no your guys's dishes were way better than mine. let's just call it a draw.