Sunday, August 23, 2009

Polenta with parmesan, crimini mushrooms, white beans, olives, and broccoli rabe

Here I have some repurposed leftovers. I had the polenta and BR in the fridge from the previous night, so I thought I'd dress them up for lunch. The polenta was made by boiling and constantly stirring coarse cornmeal. I let it set up in a shallow round dish, then cut into triangles. I fried the leftover triangles on both sides in a hot pan, then garnished with some fresh parmesan cheese.

In the same pan, I threw in some mushrooms, chopped oil cured black olives, the leftover rabe (which had been sauteed with lemon juice), and some white beans, which I drizzled with olive oil and lots of black pepper.


  1. epic. i'm coming over for the luncheon meal soon.

  2. please please come teach me how to buy food so i can make all of this stuff. every time i look in my fridge i see 3 different kinds of jelly, moldy mushrooms, and lactose-free milk. it's a bummer.