Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Work Potluck 1

At work there are 3 of us every Thursday. We decided it would be nice for us to all bring in a dish from now on if we're all here. We invited the CSO's to join us as well, but theyre all lazy assholes.

Originally I was going to do fried stuffed risotto balls but there was no way I was waking up early enough to do that in one day so I made chipotle, cheddar and chive mashed sweet potatoes. I tried to make them a little less spicy than normal but who am I kidding. Those bitches gotta be hot. This pushed Jess out of potato territory and into salad and cookie land. Loretta made a Hungarian chicken dish I cannot for the life of me spell or pronounce.
Below: plated up!

Below: the containers

All in all successful. We are doing another this week where I WILL wake up in time for risotto.

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  1. this looks amazing. in my office there's 30 of us and no lunch room. i eat at my desk daily :(